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Digital Signage

High definition digital displays specifically located
to target tourists seeking out inspiration

Digital displays with industry leading tracking and reporting

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Stand out from the crowd by showing a video or collection of stills to advertise directly to tourists, already in their buying cycle, looking for things to do. Our far reaching network allows you to make impressions to millions of potential visitors. It’s proven to increase leaflet uptake and increase visitor numbers.

Each screen location shows a 5 minute loop of promotional advertisements for tourism businesses and events in the area. Utilising an Audience Impression Metric we are able to collect information on the number of times your advert is viewed, for how long, and can even identify the age and gender of the viewer, giving you powerful feedback on the effectiveness of your investment.

Screen locations at:

  • Tourist Information Centres
  • Hotels
  • Transport Operators / Booking Offices
  • Holiday Parks
  • Souvenir Retail Outlets
  • Leaflet Distribution Providers
  • Major Tourist Attractions

Packages available allow you to choose the months and locations that will work best for you. Our sales team can suggest the right combination for your business.

To discuss your individual requirements call now on 0844 800 0002

Case Studies

Thames Clipper

Thames Clipper

With a necessity to reduce budgets, Southwark Cathedral approached Tourist Network for cost-effective ways to increase their admissions. The Thames Clipper screen product exceeded their expectations and provided Southwark with a quantifiable measure of the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

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Radisson Hotel

Radisson Hotel, Jersey

Our numerous multimedia delivery systems enable locations, however remote, to access the network. Content can be distributed electronically from anywhere in the world, ideal for updating guests on the latest events and promotions instantaneously.

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How it works

How it works

See one example of how our strategically placed digital screens capture visitors' attention as they actively seek inspiration for things to do and places to visit.

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It is often difficult to ascertain the effectiveness of some marketing campaigns. However, the exposure given to Southwark Cathedral during 2011 through the screening of our short video on the Thames Clippers has often been favourably commented upon, both by individuals and tour operators.

With a very limited advertising budget it is always good to know that money being expended is being used effectively.

Southwark Cathedral