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How to promote recommendations from visitors

Commercial information attacks people every second. There is so much advertisement in public spaces and on the internet, that small companies’ messages can get lost meaning potential customers don’t see them. One of the best ways to attract new clients is through effective sharing of recommendations. If you know how to promote your recommendations, you can easily grow your tourism business.

·         Ensure the quality of service and product

No amount of communication matters if the product or service is poor. Businesses should remember to appreciate the power of word of mouth recommendations. You must ensure the quality of service and product for the costumer to share positive recommendations themselves. Firstly, clients who love a new experience become loyal. And when they use it regularly, they share recommendations automatically with friends and family. Everything you need to do for the first step is to ensure the quality of your offering.

·         Take a feedback of clients and share it in public

Busy lifestyles mean usually people don’t want to spend their time giving feedback about their experience. That is unless the feedback is about a bad experience. Companies should habitually collect the recommendations of their clients. If you provide good quality service then all you need to do is get the feedback when the client is ‘in the zone’, experiencing natural emotions. They can then express their opinions very well. You need to share their feedback on your website and social channels to help grow your company’s ratings in social networks. One of the most effective ways is to create a short video with customer reviews and recommendations so potential clients can see honest emotions and are more likely to believe in it.

·         Use the affiliate

Affiliate is a new word for many employees in business. But in general, it’s the same as network marketing, used successfully for many years by “Avon” or “Amway”. This method of recommendations allows the recommender to earn too. The main idea is very simple: the client recommends a product or service to other people and when people buy it – he or she gets a percentage of the sale. So everybody can be a part of the business and grow it.


Which one or all of three ways  do you already use?



The footage compiled by Tourist Network for the Beautiful South Awards for Excellence 2011 made a fantastic backdrop on the stage as our winners collected their awards. The videos have proved so popular that we have received many requests following the event for copies of the DVDs.

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