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What places influencers choose to visit in UK

With all new technologies the world has become more open. Everybody can express their thoughts, experience and recommendations to each other within a few minutes. The distance between celebrities and their fans has also become minimal. You even have an opportunity to write a message to your country’s leader if you want to get an answer! Of course, maybe not from them directly, maybe their communications manager will answer you, but there is a real big chance to be heard.

So here is born a new voice in this interactive generation – influencers. When we watch old fashioned movies about youth we see the most popular person in school become King or Queen of Prom night. Today everything has moved to the Internet. Many pupils through social media have armies of followers to influence. Their parents who don’t want to fall behind also obey to this fashion of catching all new trends in Social Media. And of course, one of the main reasons to be here is to check what their children do.

The growth of numbers who use Social Media has created a powerful space for advertisement. Many people have found opportunity to make their hobbies into jobs. Travel enthusiasts included. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that all the places from their pictures in Social Media truly exist! They share recommendations of what places to visit worldwide. And invite companies which are selling products or services to gain exposure in new territories.

Check the hottest places where UK influencers are traveling.


He usually chooses destinations in North England around his hometown. Look at adorable places such as Ilkley Yorkshire, Ripley Caste, Brimham Moor, Malham Cove or Bolton Abbey! Everybody should discover wild fields in the North. This UK influencer loves nature and just walking with his family in the Lake District region or Hoylake. He shows the beauty of gorgeous England. Sometimes he travels to the coast and explores more well-known places for tourists – like Bristol. He also recommends visiting museums like Bowes Museum and old castles in small beautiful towns all around England.



This influencer travel around the World and sometimes stop to check the most interesting places in the UK. He is an expert of traveling in Scotland. Have you ever heard about The Dark Hedges? You should see this mystical place with your own eyes. He also visited The Scott Monument, Isle of Skye and Ayr in Scotland. Lozula loves cities and towns which are popular in the tourist community, e.g. London and Isle of White. The capital looks different every time so he returns again and again. And islands are always a good idea just for a change of location.



Heather is an upcoming UK travel blogger from Instagram. She travels around the world but she is very motivated to discover nice places in the UK too. More than 18,000 tourists trust her because she is open-minded and tells the truth about her experience – sometimes good, sometimes bad. She recommends visiting Kirk of St Nicholas in Scotland, Pontypridd in Wales, and Bristol in England where she found very delicious hamburgers. Sometimes here local artists create symposiums of arts so you can not only stroll along the coast but also dive into cultural life. If you want to learn about British traditions like afternoon tea, you need to follow her in Instagram.



If you want to feel the real spirit of England – follow ‘A lady in London’. It’s interesting that she creates wonderful pictures not only in London, but all around UK, sometimes abroad. This influencer has 133k followers and she shares the best moments of her travels. Oxford is one of her favourite towns in UK. She recommends visiting the University of Oxford, local parks and lovely countryside. To discover the nicest place in London like Nothing Hill, Leadenhall Market, Covent Garden, Knightsbridge and suburbs like Hampstead Heath and Richmond. This lady also shows you the beauty of Essex too.



It is often difficult to ascertain the effectiveness of some marketing campaigns. However, the exposure given to Southwark Cathedral during 2011 through the screening of our short video on the Thames Clippers has often been favourably commented upon, both by individuals and tour operators.

With a very limited advertising budget it is always good to know that money being expended is being used effectively.

Southwark Cathedral