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Guildford – it's time to escape the metropolis

Every week Tourist Network’s crew film attractions in different parts of Britain. When we create short movies, we build a connection between tourists and local business. Tourists find out the most interesting places to visit. Thriving tourism businesses are helping grow country’s economy. Everybody wins.


This time we visited Guildford – a vibrant market town with first class shopping, restaurants and attractions in Surrey. It’s not far from London but escaping the metropolis has the main advantage that you don’t need to hurry up. You can spend your time productively in all local attractions. During the filming of Guildford one thing was sure – not only a metropolis can offer interesting things to do.


We focussed on seven different themes in Guildford: Art & Culture, Heritage, Countryside, Sport, Food & Drinks, Shopping and Great Days Out. Now every local or international tourist will find activities he or she likes. Some will be attracted by active leisure, others dive into the arts. Everybody is invited to discover authentic national British cuisine. Here you can taste local dishes and drinks in a great many cosy restaurants. And afterwards just walk in the surroundings and bask in the beauty of the architecture.


When tourists choose routes to travel, first they look for information on the Internet. Statistics show that visual information touches the most Internet users. In a short representational video, tourists find out what they can expect from that place and assimilate the appeal. That’s why most successful companies have representative videos on their websites and social media channels.


This time we invite you to visit Guildford.


The footage compiled by Tourist Network for the Beautiful South Awards for Excellence 2011 made a fantastic backdrop on the stage as our winners collected their awards. The videos have proved so popular that we have received many requests following the event for copies of the DVDs.

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